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"We are glad to welcome you on our new personal site."

    LATEST NEWS  DEAR FRIENDS! We have new site address

We returned from successful tours in the Minsk State circus (Belarus)


5 March Ina and Kristaps took part in the French TV show
"Le plus grand cabaret du monde" with whips act "Once in restaurant"

On August 18,2015 is ended the first international circus festival in the Israeli city of Ashdod. Kristap participated in this festival and reached the final. It showed the act with cigar boxes.

Our act of "Diva in hotel" illusion-transormation in Latvian TV show.

Some time ago Ina and Kristap returned from small tours in the Mongolian national Circus. Now actors work in Lithuania. In the section contacts can be learned how it is possible to communicate and learn with us our schedule.


In January, 2015, at the "Golden Karl" festival which took place in the Riga Circus, new act Quick change "Diva in hotel" won a bronze award. We couldn't but share this joyful news.
Look at videos...

This is our new video of our act "Diva in Hotel"!
Interesting, new-style acts for your new 2018 season!
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Now in act we totally changing  22 costumes. 18 costumes for women and 4 for man:

Ashdod.Israel 2015

We are glad to welcome you on our new personal site.

Very much we hope that everyone will find all necessary information on us here. We extremely interestingly tried to tell about ourselves, about the creativity and life. Here you can find and video and a photo and of course to write to us or to call.

We will remind, we are universal actors from Latvia of Ina Sopova and Kristaps Pavlovs. We work some acts in the most different circus genres. It both the juggler, and games with whips, animal training, and illusion...

Work and searches new bring us improbable pleasure. We don't plan to stop on reached, after all ahead the whole life...
And now, forward, in small travel on our site.
Once again Welcome!


For the first time Kristaps debuted as the actor at the age of three and a half years. In Omsk left with the big bone in a reprise «Stone Age Family» together with clowns. Since seven months and till five years it grew in circus, travelling together with parents on all Soviet Union. Study at school has begun - and Kristaps to circus has grown cold, was fond of the big tennis, dreamt to become the cosmonaut or the driver. And in 12 years it began to vanish in circus with friends-actors, yes so there and remained.

He has got acquainted with Inna Sopova (the future partner) on one of custom-made performances. The master of sports on jumps on a trampoline, in circus she wanted to try something new that was yet able. So it began to juggle with feet, and not in slippers, and on heels that is very difficult and unusual. As, however, and work with exotic animals: crocodiles, pythons and iguana.

The actress Ina Sopova represents one of the most beautiful acts, rare in circus "Foot Juggling" or "Antipode". This act distinguishes ease of execution and special charm. And also, unique tricks: when lying on a back the actress at the same time balances with feet different not easy subjects.

Statement of this act belongs to the famous circus actress, the trainer elephants, the director Taisiya Kornilova. The mysterious and beautiful love story, will bewitch the viewer from the very first musical chord to the latest trick and gesture. more...

Contacts Us:

If you had questions or offers on work, you can safely contact you and we with pleasure will respond to your call or the e-mail.

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