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"These pirates from circus, and they are capable to light public. They are ready to show on what they are capable."

    Pirates of Caribbean Sea

What can be more interesting than extremely topical cinema? And if this extremely topical cinema comes to life on a circus ring is it becomes twice interesting. Ina and Kristap and adventures of "Pirates of the Caribbean Sea". Quite so their act is called. The truth to define its genre rather difficult. There is both an exotic, and acrobatics, both illusion and fire show. Under incendiary music, bright light of spotlights, and under floods of pyrotechnic effects, in the face of the audience, the plot of the movie known for all about pirates comes to life.
Yes, yes! Pirates are also the main characters of this act who don't do anything angry, and do the real CIRCUS - which is  so like by both children and adults.

Performer: Ina Sopova, Kristaps Pavlovs

Duration: 6:00



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