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"Dachshunds one of the most whimsical and peculiar dogs. But training is given in nevertheless. It is proved!"


Each comer in circus the viewer - with pleasure waits for a meeting with the trained animals. Ina Sopova and her amusing trained dachshunds - are ready to please the audience and to amuse them with all the heart the talents and opportunities. Ina is engaged in dachshunds for a long time. She on the loves each dachshund and knows about them everything.
Therefore act  turned out very bright, cheerful and at once becomes to the interesting audience of any age.

Three talented dachshunds are able and to jump and jump and do those tricks which are extremely necessary that it was possible to call these dogs circus.

These dogs seldom appear in circus though as considers Ina, because of the absurd are the most circus.
Act with the trained dachshunds can be shown at any concert and circus venue.

Performer: Ina Sopova

Duration: 4:30



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