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For the first time Kristaps debuted as the actor at the age of three and a half years. In Omsk left with the big bone in a reprise «Stone Age Family» together with clowns. Since seven months and till five years it grew in circus, travelling together with parents on all Soviet Union. Study at school has begun - and Kristaps to circus has grown cold, was fond of the big tennis, dreamt to become the cosmonaut or the driver. And in 12 years it began to vanish in circus with friends-actors, yes so there and remained.

He has got acquainted with Inna Sopova (the future partner) on one of custom-made performances. The master of sports on jumps on a trampoline, in circus she wanted to try something new that was yet able. So it began to juggle with feet, and not in slippers, and on heels that is very difficult and unusual. As, however, and work with exotic animals: crocodiles, pythons and iguana.

In April, 2003 they have got married. And by tradition after a registry office have gone not to church, and on an arena where have danced in the presence of amicable collective of the Riga circus the wedding waltz. Cosmonaut Kristaps did not become, but married in Day of astronautics - smile in circus.

Soon in a young family there was the third - the kitten who has been picked up in the street, and then - and the fourth member of a family. Inna's children's dream of a dog was embodied in the brisk rate of Fera, or Fifa is simple. Couple of months back Inna has started training, without knowing, whether it is real - to let out the rate on an arena. Through game they there and then have found common language. Nine-monthly Fifa has already mastered from tens tricks and with pleasure shows the talents on circus ring.


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