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"Whip - the best friend of the bartender, and the main enemy of clients of bar. Which in the world of circus unites hearts. Here such act."

    Games with whips

We will be transferred to small cafe, in the small provincial European town where on a plot of act "Games with whips" and there are all actions which are played by actors Ina and Kristap. The genre "Games with whips" in circus became the extremely rare, and therefore is more interesting to public. Actors prepared this act so many years. Long worked on difficult tricks, for example Kristap with ease, by means of a whip can beat out a stopper from a bottle... In 2012, this number received a silver award at a festival of the Riga Circus "Golden Karl". And this act represented Riga Circus at a festival of Big Moscow Circus "Golden Buffoon` 2"

Performer: Ina Sopova, Kristaps Pavlovs

Duration: 7:10



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